Huge Life Update!

Hey all! So it’s been awhile again :/ I’ve had one of the craziest busiest falls of my life. Working four days a week, taking 15 units of classes (four classes), and being in a relationship. Time management was no joke for me. I would do homework on my lunch breaks at work and work so hard to have all my homework done by the weekend so I could spend my weekends with my guy.

And also in the fall, something pretty big happened! He popped the question and I said yes! So, yeah, add wedding planning to my long list of busyness. I’ve known this guy for about five years. We’ve had our share of hard time and a couple of breakups. But somehow God has kept us together through all of it and God is continuing to hold us together in this new stage.

On Halloween night my guy got down on one knee proposed to me. I kinda knew it was coming 😛

A week later we got engagement pictures and talked wedding plans. A few things have come up that we have been prayerfully working through and trusting in God as we move forward. We have been busy getting more involved in our church and looking into membership and getting pre-marital counseling. All I can say is God is good and God is faithful. God is with us during this time of really examining ourselves and asking ourselves hard questions.

Anyway, I’m finally writing on here again because suddenly my busyness has come to end. My job ended due to co-vid and school is less than a week away from being done. Currently I’m knee deep in renovating a trailer for our first home together. I’ll be back soon and I’ll share some pictures and talk about about how this new project is going 😉

Summer Love!


Oh gosh, where do I start. Summer is here and with it has come all the lovely adventures.  I have been so busy working at Rock-N-Water Christian Camp.  Most days I work in the kitchen, but I also get to be a rock climbing guide and river guide.  I love, love, love, all the people here at camp.  Living with them and serving the Lord together is  just amazing!


I don’t really have the time to write much.  But I have so many pictures and so many memories.  I’ll share some with you here before I have to go.

Some pictures from my kitchen days!  They may not be my favorite, but I’m thankful for them.  Cooking for large amounts of people can be fun and it’s always so satisfying to see the meal come to a finish!

And then I am so thankful for all the river days and water days and days with these amazing people! My summer is being filled with so many sweet memories and it’s not even over yet!  Life is so beautiful!

A Backpacking Adventure


Wow! What a trip!  Last weekend I went backpacking with my sister and boyfriend in the Desolation Wilderness.  I wish I was still in the mountains enjoying the beautiful sceneryimg_20200605_192937298_hdr and mountain lakes. Even though it was short, it was a trip I’ll remember because it was full of good times and amazing views.

Our initial plan was to do a two-night trip but due to a storm coming in we had to shorten it to just one night.  We also had a hard time finding a place to go backpacking.  So many places are still closed because of COVID-19 and snow in the higher elevations.  When we decided to go to the Desolation Wilderness there weren’t many permits left in the places we wanted to go.

We finally settled on a hike to Hemlock Lake.  It was quite a climb.  Pretty much all uphill and very steep.  We also completely lost the trail and hiked over a river of snow.  We kept falling through the snow and getting wet boots, which wasn’t the most pleasant experience.  Turns out, we missed the lake and hiked quite a bit above the lake. But we did finally make it and the lake was so pretty!


We set up camp and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the great outdoors. My boyfriend and I did some reading together with the panoramic view before us.  Afterward, it was time for dinner.  We made tacos, which was mostly pre-made, we just had to heat it up.  We also realized that we brought way to much food for three people and were unable to eat all of it, haha.  Which is very rare for backpacking.


After dinner, we had pan-cooked brownies and chai tea.  We took our dessert out to a place where we could watch the sunset over the mountains.  The colors we so pretty and vibrant.  All of us agreed the sunset was the highlight of the trip.


After the sunset, it was off to bed.  Thankfully we all stayed nice and warm in the night, but in the morning it was cold.  It was clear that a storm was coming. We packed up camp after a yummy breakfast of eggs and sausage and then headed back down the trail only to get lost again.  Eventually, we found the trail again.  But first, we had to take off a few layers.  I’ve never hiked out in such cold temperatures.  Each of us had at least three layers on when we left our camp.

…And before we knew it we were back and the trip was over.

My boyfriend was the sweetest on the trip.  He insisted on carrying some of my things to make my pack lighter when I was struggling with keeping up, and he would always stop to offer me a hand when we were climbing down big rocks.  He even put up with my desire to take nice pictures in the golden lighting right before the sunset (most guys I know aren’t big fans of getting pictures).  Not only did he put up with it, but he got really into it too!  I’m so lucky and thankful to have this guy in my life to go on adventures with.


And I can’t forget my sister!  I’m thankful for her too! And that she loves to come on adventures too!  I don’t know what I’d do without her.  Also, we can’t take a decent picture together ;P

I’m sad this trip is over, but I’m excited about many more backpacking trips and beautiful mountain sunsets in the future.  If you ever are planning a trip to the Desolation Wilderness, I 10/10 recommend Hemlock Lake!

Slowly but Surely!


I’m am so happy right now!  Why, you may ask?  Because I got to go to a coffee shop and I got to sit inside and enjoy my coffee.  Let me repeat that.  I. GOT. TO. SIT. INSIDE. and enjoy my coffee!

This COVID-19 has sure changed the world and one thing that I’ve been really missing is being able to go to a coffee shop and just chill.  I do a lot of work and homework on the computer and I usually take my work to my favorite coffee shops.  I always get more done when I’m at a coffee shop (not as many distractions as there are at home, I guess).

Well, it’s been rough not being able to go and hang out at my favorite coffee shops.  I’ve been trying to get take-out from my favorite places when I can to help support them during this time.  But now that things are starting to change and open up again, I can’t contain my excitement about being able to return my favorite shops!


The other day my sister and I visited a new place in Sac called Old Soul (it’s not a new place, just new to us since we’ve never been there before).  I had seen on their Instagram page that they were offering seating inside.  The seating was limited and it was set up so that the tables were at least six feet apart.  But that fact that we got to sit inside was a real treat!

We did our Bible study together while sipping on some delicious coffee (and healthy too, my drink was turmeric vanilla latte that was surprisingly yummy!).  It was stinking hot outside so being able to chill inside was an answer to prayer (literally too, because we prayed in the car that the coffee shop would let us sit down inside).

I’m so excited about things opening up again! I know it’s gonna be different and it will be slow.  But change is happening and it’s moving in the right direction.  I’m so ready for life to get back to normal.  Even if it’s gonna have to be a new normal for awhile.

I hope you all are staying safe and getting excited too about things opening up again. We are getting through this and we are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

A Much Needed Hiking Day


Hey all!  I’m back again and I’ve got an adventure to share!  My finals were last week so it’s officially summer for me! Whoo-hoo! It is so nice not being having anymore homework to do each week.  Of course, since I have more time, that means I have time for more adventures!

On Monday I went on a hike up in the mountains with my family (near Tahoe).  The place was about two hours away from where we live. We couldn’t have asked for a better day for going up to the mountains. It was a great way to escape the heat. It’s been over 100 degrees at my home these days.  Ick, not fun :/

The hike was a much needed time out in God’s creation!  I didn’t realize how much my soul was craving this kind of day.  My sister and I cruised along the trail while I talked her head off about pretty much everything that came to my mind.  Thankfully she was happy to listen. We definitely needed that special sister time in the outdoors ❤

The lake we hiked to was called Lake Margaret, and it was beautiful!  The lake was so blue and clear.  You could see the reflection of the rocks and trees in the water.  I was tempted to jump in!  But since the lake is mostly from snowmelt the water was a bit too cold for my liking.



I am so thankful for this beautiful world that God made for us!  Getting outside made me so happy!

And let’s just ignore the fact that I got a horrible sunburn on my shoulders because of wearing no sunscreen.  WEAR SUNSCREEN GUYS!  Especially if you wear a tank top and have short hair that doesn’t cover your shoulders and spend a good 20 or so minutes just laying down in the direct sun 😛

So besides the sunburn, it was a wonderful trip!  Definitely worth the drive up to the mountains 😉


My New Look


Hey there! Last weekend I did something!  I got my hair cut!  I’ve been debating about it for a while.  I love long hair but I also love short hair, so it wasn’t an easy decision.  Short hair is so fun and easy to style.  Short hair also is so easy to maintain.  In the summer I have a very adventurous job and my long hair often gets very tangled after a day on the river.  I knew that short hair would make my summer so much more enjoyable and that’s the main reason I did it and cut my hair.

I missed my long hair for only a short moment.  And now I’m loving my new look!  I curled it on Sunday and was the happiest girl ever! Shoulder length hair, when curled with a wand to get these soft waves, is my absolute favorite hairstyle ever!  So being able do this style on myself makes me so happy.

I also got to try bringing out the natural curl in my hair.  After washing my hair I simply applied some natural hair gel and used a diffuser to blow dry my hair.  I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

Anyway, I’m excited to have fun with this new hairstyle and I’m so ready for summer now that I have my summer hair cut!

Totem Coffee and Pulling Weeds

So little note here about myself, it doesn’t take much to make me happy 😉  Last Saturday was one of my favorite days and I didn’t do anything special.  It was the simple, little things that made it so special.

To begin with, the day started with a stop at my favorite coffee shop with my favorite person!  Totem Coffee in Placerville California will always be my favorite coffee place.  I used to live real close to Totem and would hang out there pretty regularly. It’s the cutest little shop and they have the coziest atmosphere (not to mention great drinks!).

Sadly, I now live about an hour away.   My boyfriend lives up near Placerville so I usually drive up the hill to spend my Saturdays with him.


Last Saturday we met at Totem and enjoyed some coffee together.  It made my heart so happy being able to go to Totem again and to get to go there with the person who is the most special to me.  It was a special start to the day.


After our enjoying our coffee we headed to an older couple’s place to pull weeds for them.  I’ll admit that pulling weeds isn’t the most fun job, but just doing it with him and getting to help him with his work made me happy. And we were able to finish the job!  It always feels so good to have the project finished!

While we pulled weeds we listened to a sermon by John Piper together.  The sermon was on Romans 12.  It’s really nice being able to listen to some good meaty truths about the gospel while working outside in the sun together.  I’m thankful that we both enjoy John Piper so much that we listen to it while we work!

Near the end of the day, we finished up by blowing the leaves of the lawn and then mowing the lawn.  The older couple has an old styled lawnmower to mow the lawn with!  It’s so cool and fun to use and I’m not gonna apologize for how excited I just got over a lawnmower!  Honestly, it made me so happy using this old-styled lawnmower!


Sadly, like all days, this day did have to come to an end.  But we filled the day to it’s full.  After pulling weeds we painted tools and then drove all the way down to my house (got food on the way) to watch Harry Potter.  I’m one of these people who has reached it all the way into adulthood without knowing a thing about Harry Potter.  So this is my first time watching the series.  And I’m quite happy that my first time watching it gets to be with him.

It was a wonderful day and I know that there are going to be better days ahead, and also some harder ones. Days full of fancies and dressing up and then some mundane boring days.  But I’m grateful for this simple day, that didn’t require much, to be so special. It’s always going to be these little things in life that make my heart the happiest.


Rock Climbing (On Real Rocks!)

Hey guys!  So a couple of weeks ago I got out on an adventure!  Typical of me waiting this long to finally get around to posting some pictures from the trip ;P

It’s was kinda put together last minute, but so worth it!  My friends and I were trying to plan something fun for the weekend and someone suggested going up to the mountains.  It sounded wonderful, but the government has shut down almost all of the state parks.  So it was onto plan B; an adventure more local.

Since all the rock climbing gyms have been closed I’ve been missing climbing something terrible.  An idea hit; We should go climbing outdoors!  “I know of the perfect spot and I know how to set climbs!”  So to the rocks, we went!



We couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Normally we go climbing at this spot in the scorching heat of the Summer.  But on the day we went, the weather was perfect.  Not too hot and there was a nice cool breeze.

I even surprised myself and cruized up all the climbs we did!  For some reason, I thought I’d be rustier in my climbing skills.  Or maybe it’s just because we only did the easy, climbs, haha. Time went by so fast and before we knew it it was getting late in the day and we had to head home.

It felt so good to get out and I was so happy to finally feel sore in my arms from a day of climbing! I forgot how much I love rock climbing and it was so fun to get out on real rocks this time!


I’m so thankful for this fun adventure and already can’t wait to do it again!

Talk to you all later 😉

Preserving a Memory (DIY Project)

What do you do the first time that special guy in your life gets you flowers?  First, off, yes, I do have a special guy in my life.  But that’ll be a story for another day.  But a couple of months ago he got me some flowers.  It was actually because he didn’t do anything for Valentine’s day and felt really bad when I gave him a handmade card.  And the craziest thing happened with the timing of him giving me the flowers.  I had literally just prayed the day before that God would make this guy more romantic in some way and then the next day he brings me these flowers!  Wow God!  What an answer to prayer!

img_20200314_144923He was so sweet and thoughtful too with the flowers!  This guy has been my friend for over four years so he gave me a bouquet of red roses with one yellow rose in the middle.  I asked if there was any significance with the one yellow rose. I really wasn’t expecting there to be much of a reason, but he said the yellow rose signified friendship.  So the yellow rose surrounded by the red roses meant that our relationship was founded on friendship!  How amazing and special is that!  My heart just about burst ❤

Anyway, since it was my first time receiving flowers from a guy other than my dad, I wanted to save them somehow so I could always have them as a memory.  What do you do when you need some crafty/DIY inspiration.  Yep, to Pinterest I went. I searched for ideas for preserving flowers and after scrolling through the feed a few times I settled on one that stood out to me.  Someone had taken dried flowers and put them in a jar!  I thought that would be a great way to preserve my first bouquet of roses.00100lrportrait_00100_burst20200319213658393_cover

To dry them, I cut the flowers so that their stems were very short.  Then I took clothes pins and pinned the flowers upside down to a hanger.  I hung the hanger in a spot in my room that was away from the sun and let them stay there for multiple weeks.  Once they were dry I took them down and sprayed them with hairspray.  Then I found the perfect jar and carefully placed the flowers and leaves into the jar.  And wa-la!  I had my perfectly preserved roses in a jar!


I’m so happy! I have a jar full of memories of this precous moment!  I plan on keeping this jar forever!  And you may notice that the yellow flower isn’t in the jar.  That’s because I did something extra special with the yellow flower.  But that’s only for me to know about 😉

So if you guys want a fun activity to do during this quarentine and have some flowers you want to preserve this is a great way to freeze a memory and let your craftyness come out!  Have fun!

Enduring Through Trials (Verse Reflection)


I wrote this post months ago when I was in the midst of a hard season.  For some reason I never posted it.  Reading it now feels so different because I’m no longer in the middle of that hard time.  But it’s neat to get a little glimpse back into my heart during those days and how much I was clinging to God for comfort and rest.  So I thought I ‘d still share this with you all even though I’m no longer in a rough spot.  Maybe you are in a rough spot and this will encourage you.  I hope it does 🙂

So here’s my thoughts from that time…

 “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation, he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.” 1 Corinthians 10:13

I read this verse a couple of weeks ago during a rough season in my life.  I’ve known this verse for a while, but it’s amazing how a verse can take on a completely new meaning when the circumstances in life change.  I saw this verse in a new light and it’s become something I can cling to in the season of life I’m in.

Think about what this verse is saying for a moment.  God allows us to face trials and temptations in this life.  But God is always faithful and He is with us.  God gives us all we need to face the things we find ourselves in.  It’s that just so encouraging!  It gives me a renewed sense of perseverance knowing that God has prepared me and given me all I need to walk through the hard days ahead of me.

Below is something I wrote in my journal after reflecting on this verse.

Oh God,
You don’t ever call us to walk through seasons and valleys that we aren’t ready for. You give us all we need to get through each trial. So I will trust in you. You have already given me all I need to get through this season. You promise to be with me always. Oh Lord, how blessed I am. You have equipped me for this valley and I will make it to the other side.

I hope this verse can encourage you as it encourages me.  Whatever season you’re in, God is with you and He is faithful.  God has given you everything you need to hold on and endure!  Trust God, He’s got you 😉